Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 20, 2011

11. Atlantic/N. Africa/W. Med. Cruise – Port #9 Barcelona, Spain – Day 2

Hi All,



Look who we ran into on Las Ramblas:


Yes, it’s Marisa who took the new high speed train from Zaragoza to Barcelona and met us at that restaurant in the background, “Café del L’Opera”.  Just so you know I was there too:


From 12 noon to almost 4 PM Marisa, Susy, and I relived the wonderful days of Zaragoza.  We sat for awhile at this outdoor café on Las Ramblas and then found this bar/restaurant which Marisa said was one of the best tapas bars around.


As we sat, drinking a wonderful Rioja red wine, eating tapas, we could not help but talk about Pepe, and what a wonderful person he was.  In fact, at one point we stopped and said “Pepe’s here with us, sitting next to Gary, making his jokes about “General Motors”, and life in general”.  I said to Marisa that when Pepe walked into a room, it was like a bright light was lit.  He was always happy and it spread to everyone around him.  You can almost see Pepe sitting there with us:


That afternoon was the highlight of our cruise.  We loved Pepe very much, and we love Marisa the same.  She is family and we sent regards from all of you who knew her.  She said she had told all her and Pepe’s family and friends she was going to see “The Gary’s”, as Pepe use to refer to us.  They all knew who she was talking about. What do you think the girls talked about as we were wrapping up the day?  Comparing shoes:


Marisa saw us back to our bus and we left her with sadness that the day had ended, but happiness that we had some time together and the promise that we would keep in closer contact.

For those of you who don’t know Marisa and Pepe,  they were our landlords and more importantly our best friends during the five years we lived in Zaragoza.  We were so close that when Gigi got married the first time they flew into Detroit from Spain to be at her wedding.

I don’t want to close without showing a few daylight photos of the port and some of the buildings of Barcelona.  The port has it’s fort above (look to the right above the cranes:


Apartment buildings:



As usual, we left on time and will talk about this day for many years to come. 

Next on to Palma de Mallorca, the home of Rafael Nadal and a lovely European playground.

Love You All,

Gary (Gagu)


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