Posted by: Gary Guertin | December 29, 2010

20. Panama Canal Cruise–msStatendam

Hi All,

Sorry to be late in making this last post to our Panama Canal cruise, but the delay is because we’ve been having a great time over the holidays and time flies when your having fun.

If you read some of my previous cruise blogs you will have a good idea of ship life, mainly because the Holland American ships are similar.  The ms Statendam is no exception, it is a 55,819 ton ship, 719 feet long, 111 feet wide, holding 1,260 passengers with a crew of 550.  It traveled 4,667 miles between Fort Lauderdale and San Diego, and 4,409 miles back.  It has a top speed of 20.9 knots per hour (1 nautical mile = 1.15 statute mile = 1.85 kilometer) and averaged 17.4 knots per hour on this cruise.

OK let’s take a quick tour of this beautiful ship:

msStatendam 2010

By the way, that is the Statendam on my blog’s mask head.

Life aboard ship takes place on 5 main decks; Lower Promenade Deck, Promenade Deck, Upper Promenade Deck, Lido Deck, and Sport Deck.  We’ll start with the Lower Promenade Deck which is where our cabin was:


Our cabin:


What you don’t see is a sofa, dressing table, closets, and the bathroom.  What you see on the right bed is one of the towel animals our cabin stewards made each night (a different animal each night).

Going out of the cabin we see a view of the hallways:


and on to an elevator to go up to the next deck, the Promenade Deck:


and check the day of the week as we go up:


Getting off at the Promenade Deck we arrive at the center of the ship, the main Atrium, which actually covers the three promenade decks, and the Front Office which is where you go if you have any questions or problems:


Here’s a look at the main Atrium, which is just to the right in the picture above:


It is three decks high and from the Promenade Deck (the middle deck) you can go up a spiral staircase to the Upper Promenade Deck ((the staircase is where I took the photo of that beautiful lady (Susy))

Covering the two decks (Promenade & Upper Promenade) at the front of the ship is the large theater were the shows take place every evening:


At the rear of ship on these same two decks is the main dining room. Our table for two was on the upper deck and I wanted you to see our waiter serving a baked Alaska:


As we climbed the stairs to the Upper Promenade Deck we come to the deck where we spent most of our time.  Here’s a series of photos of places we hung out on this deck starting with Susy’s favorite:


just some of the shops and next the Casino:


More shops around the top of the Atrium:


and one of our favorite spots for relaxing, the Library and Internet Café:



Through out the ship there are many bars and restaurants (specialty).  I’ll only show you one, the piano bar, where Susy met several passengers, including Sandy and John, who joined us for our Boat Parade party:


Some last photos of the ship from the  Lido Deck, which has the Lido cafeteria:


and who could forget the swimming pools, beginning with the rear deck pool:


or the mid-ship indoor/outdoor pool (with a retractable roof), taken from the Sports Deck looking down on the Lido Deck:


I want to finalize this blog and my coverage of this cruise with a photo which probably shows best why Susy and I cruise:


the quiet, lovely ocean.  The ability to sail on the oceans, visit new and exciting ports, and return each evening to a five star home is what it is all about.  So until our next cruise (God and Susy willing);

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)



  1. I love it!!!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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