Posted by: Gary Guertin | December 7, 2010

17. Panama Canal Cruise–Fuerte Amador, Panama & the Panama Canal

Hi All,

We arrived at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal and the Panama City port of Fuerte Amador, which is a fifteen minute drive from the City, at about 9 PM on Sunday, Dec. 6th.  Since we arrived so late (it gets dark at 5 PM here), Susy and I decided to stay on the ship since we were to start down the Panama Canal at 5 AM Monday morning.  A part from that, the port is so full of ships that ours had to anchor in the harbor and tender (lifeboats) those who wanted to go ashore or had booked a short night tour of Panama City.

We have seen the skyline of Panama City many times.  It is a city of one million people and it has many tall buildings.  The tour was just to drive to a tall building in the center of town and take pictures of the city at night.  We’re glad we didn’t go.  The city looked like this from the ship:


For those of us who stayed aboard (the majority of the passengers) the ship had a pool party with chocolate fountains you could dip your fruit on a stick into.  Before the party started I was wandering the deck above the pool and caught a photo of this beautiful lady I keep running into:


The next day we traversed the Panama Canal.  If you go back to 4. Panama Canal you’ll see I covered the overall view and the last set of locks into the Pacific, the Miraflores Locks, fairly well.  What I’ll do in this blog is cover the other two locks going into the Caribbean.  First after Miraflores is the Pedro Miguel locks:IMG_1599 

I want to stop here and show you two things, first the electric locomotives that pull you through the locks:


and second, how close we are to the sides (by the way also look how far down the ship is in the lock.  These views are taken from Deck 6, our stateroom deck:


About one in the afternoon we came into the last locks before entering the Caribbean, the Gatun locks:


Here’s the locks main building as we pass it:


and on the other side of the lock, “Canal de Panama”:


so what you see as you enter the canal from the Caribbean/Atlantic is:


Everyone was out to watch us pass through the canal even my lovely lady:


One last picture as we say goodbye to the Panama Canal and head for Cartagena, Columbia:


One more port to go and then home.  Until Columbia,

Love You All,

Gary (Gagu)


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