Posted by: Gary Guertin | December 6, 2010

15. Panama Canal Cruise–Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala–Part 3

Hi All,

Again, before you start this part be sure and read part 1 & 2.

We finally arrived at the Church and Monastery of La Merced.  The first view you see of the church is a side view when you come off that main street:IMG_1421

But when you come around the corner you are awed by the view of the front:


The church entrance is on the right, and the monastery entrance is the smaller on the left, so we immediately entered the church to this magnificent view:


My only thoughts were the simplicity and cleanest is how a house of God should look.  Look close at the main alter:


Again, the side alters were beautiful.  Everyone said we should be sure and see the Monastery next door, so we next entered it.  When Susy and I entered the courtyard it was the most beautiful (of it’s era) we had ever seen.  I’m going to try and show you in a few pictures what it was, but you can just see how many movies might be shot in settings like this:



Looking down the side passages and you can just picture the monks strolling around the courtyard:



In case you couldn’t tell that’s me not a monk.  Here’s one last look at the courtyard from the other side with the church behind:


Well that’s the Church and Monastery of La Merced and the end of part 3.  I hope you can see what a highlight of the day this site was, but there’s more to come on this surprising trip, so let’s go on to Part 4.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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