Posted by: Gary Guertin | December 2, 2010

11. Panama Canal Cruise–Huatulco, Mexico (2)

Hi All,

Today we came back to Huatulco.  The first time we took you on a tour of the port, called the Port and Bay of Santa Cruz.  Huatulco is made up of three main areas; Santa Cruz Huatulco which is the port and a resort area, Crucecita which is the residential, restaurant, and shopping area, and Tangolunda Bay which is the main beach area.  This time we headed out for Crucecita and Tangolunda Bay.

As we left the ship we have the ship’s port sign:


and the port sign:


I want to stop here and insert a panoramic photo I took looking down on the ship and the Harbor of Santa Cruz:

 IMG_1172 Stitch

That area in the middle is the shops and church I showed in my first Huatulco blog.  After getting off the ship Susy and I took a taxi from this area up to the little village of Crucecita.  As with most small villages everything is centered around a central plaza, with the main church overlooking it.  Our taxi driver dropped us off at the church, which although new (built around 2000) was an exact replica of one of the old Spanish mission churches.  Here’s the front of the church called the Church of Guadalupe:


The inside of this church was beautifully painted and I’ll just show you a few photos, to give you a flavor on it’s interior:


The ceiling panting:


one of the side alters:


Oh, and Susy insisted I show you this next picture to prove she is praying for all of us and let you know she donated money and lit a candle for all of us because we needed all she could give:

IMG_1186 (2)

From the church we started walking around the central plaza with it’s Xmas tree:


All around the plaza were shops and restaurants like this:


We had to stop at this point for a rest and refreshment and you see Gary (you notice I didn’t use Gagu) enjoying a cool one:


We started back to the ship in a taxi, and as we were going along the taxi driver asked us if we wanted to see the famous Tangolunda Bay and it’s resorts.  We said OK and he brought us to one of the most beautiful hotels (for view) we have seen.  I’m going to try and show you the hotel with a few photos, but you have to see it in person to appreciate the beauty.  We drove in to an entrance below and then wound up this cobblestone drive up a mountain.  This is the front door of the hotel:


You walk through this door into a lobby with a Xmas tree in the center:


Looking through the lobby from the Xmas tree you begin to see the back of the hotel:


and coming out on the back patio you are met with this magnificent view:

IMG_1185 Stitch

This is one you should double click and see large.  What your seeing below is the suites and villas of the hotel, some with there own swimming pool, and a golf cart to take you down to the beach or golf course.  What a way to spend a week or two.  Now if you turn around you see on your right the main hotel lounge:


and on the left the main dining room, all with the same spectacular view:


The day turned out to be great and after the taxi driver pledged he would pick us up at the airport when we returned to stay at the Quinta Real, we boarded the ship and Susy for the first time joined the”Sail Away” party on the stern (rear) of the ship:


as we took one last look at this beautiful port, Huatulco, Mexico:


I would normally close here, but last night was formal night and I ran into this beautiful lady whose photo I have to show you:


We now stop at two more ports in a row, so I may be delayed in posting.  But, until the next and last Mexican port, Puerto Chiapas,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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