Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 27, 2010

9. Panama Canal Cruise–San Diego, California

Hi All,

We’re halfway through the cruise and it seems as if we only left yesterday.  The only thing I can say about San Diego is it’s cold.  It is about 50 some, and forecast to be a high of 61 degrees.  I have caught a cold and Susy is freezing, so we can’t wait to get back in the tropics.  Everybody knows San Diego so I won’t go into any narrative on this city except to mention it has one of the best zoo’s in the world.  If we had the grandchildren with us we would have a ball, but since we do not Susy and I decided to just go ashore a few minutes and do our emails, etc. at the local Starbucks.

Before we left the ship I took some panoramic views of the port starting with one off the starboard (right) side of the ship:

IMG_1075 Stitch 

Remember this view because I’ll show you a night view later.  Off the port (left) side of the ship you saw this:

IMG_1086 Stitch

and finally off the bow (front) of the ship you saw:

IMG_1092 Stitch

One of the things I don’t like about this new blog site is that panoramic views like these are very small.  I found, however, that if you put your arrow on the picture you want to enlarge and double click your left mouse button, the picture will enlarge to a new screen by itself.  Once you’ve done that and want to return to the blog  just click the return (left) arrow in the top left side of the screen, the second line down.

 Anyway, as I said Susy and I left the ship about mid-day and you see the usual ships port sign:


and the port sign:


Here’s a look at the boardwalk along the pier on our way to Starbucks:


and Susy in front of a work of art along the sidewalk:


Notice how wrapped up she is, it was cold. 

Finally, after we got aboard, it was dark by 5 PM, I took this last picture of the aircraft carrier off our starboard (right) side:


The San Diego harbor was one large Navy vessel after another, and this aircraft carrier was lit up because the public can go aboard and tour the ship.

Well, that’s San Diego and now we head back home.  Our first stop is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after two days at sea (Monday, Nov. 29th).  If you like trivia, we travelled 4667 miles during the first half of this cruise at an average rate of 17.4 knots or about 20 miles an hour.  The Statendam has a capacity of 1260 guests and a crew of 550.  The ship is 719 feet long and 111 feet wide.  It is a 55,819 ton vessel.

I’ll get back to you after Puerto Vallarta, until then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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