Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 26, 2010

8. Panama Canal Cruise–Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Just a short note: I have posted two blogs at the same time 7. Acapulco (below) and this one 8. Cabo San Lucas.

Hi All,

After Huatulco we didn’t think any other port would be as beautiful, but Cabo just blew us away.  This one goes up there against the best in the world, certainly not the size of Acapulco, but it’s just a beautiful port as you will see. Susy reminded me that my comments should apply to Cabo only as a resort port.  She said you can’t put Cabo into the same class as Sidney or Cape Town because there’s no city behind it.  It’s just a port and beaches.  I have to agree with her, but it’s one of the most beautiful resort ports we’ve run across.  Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern tip of the 1,000 mile long Baja (Lower) California Peninsula.  Because of it’s location most people arrive by water (or air, but we didn’t see any airplanes or an airport).

I’m going to try something different by scanning a map of the port and drawing what we did doing our visit.  This is my first attempt, so I know I can do better with practice.  I only had a pencil, so bear with me as I point out our day:

PTDC0001 (2)

I drew the ship on the right side of the map in the bay across from Madano Beach because we pulled up there in the morning and set anchor.  From there we used the ship’s tenders (life boats) to take us to the tender pier which you see at the bottom of the map.  Before we left the ship I went up to the sport deck (12th level) and took a few panoramic photos, First off the left side of the boat (port) you see the view looking toward the bottom of the map:

IMG_0962 Stitch

Next you see the view from the right side of the boat (starboard) which is toward the top of the map:

IMG_0965 Stitch

OK, let’s go discover Cabo San Lucas.  As usual we first come across the ship’s port sign as we go down the gangway to board our tender:


One of the sailors was kind enough to get a photo of Susy and I all fresh and ready to go:


As we departed the tender you see Susy in front of the port sign:


If you go back up to the map you will see that from the Tender Pier (at the bottom center of the map) we started walking on a paved boardwalk all around the harbor (where all the boats are docked) in order to reach our destination, Medano Beach.  The next photo shows a small part of the boardwalk:


The harbor was packed full of boats, from small runabouts, water taxi’s, large fishing boats, yachts, sail boats, etc., etc..  Here’s a look at a few:


What makes a great port also is its shopping  and we hadn’t gone to far before Susy hit her first flea market:


I just followed Susy as we continued along the boardwalk:


and on:


until just before we reached the beach guess what Susy found:


Yes, even in a beautiful beach resort Susy finds the clearance sales.  Believe it or not the only thing we bought was T shirts for the kids and myself.  From this shopping center we finally ended our one mile hike at Madano Beach:


What a beautiful beach.  White sand and more sidewalk café’s.  We decided, after the long walk to sit awhile and enjoy a cold Corona (Mexico’s most popular beer):


By the way, that’s the Statendam in the bay across from the beach.  We walked the long mile back, but I stopped several times because I wanted to photograph some of the boats:


and even my yacht was in port:


Before we boarded the tender to return to the Statendam, Susy had one last stop:


Can you believe that woman had enough energy to go through another flea market.  That ended the day, and as we sailed off, we put Cabo on our list of ports we enjoyed visiting.

Next port is San Diego, the day after Thanksgiving, and half way through the cruise.  Time really fly’s when your having fun.  I’m having trouble getting these posted because of the slow internet access on the ship so it may be several days before the next one.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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