Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 26, 2010

7. Panama Canal Cruise–Acapulco

Hi All,

Acapulco is Acapulco, Mexico City playground, sea side resort, looking the same as it did thirty-four years when Susy, Gigi (at age 5) and I visited, but with a lot more tall buildings along the beach.  We docked at the Cruise Terminal across from Fort San Diego as you can see from this local map:


From the front of the ship I can show you this panoramic view of the left side of this map:

IMG_0894 Stitch

and from the side and rear of the ship I can show you this panoramic view of Fort San Diego across the Bahia de Acapulco (Bay of Acapulco):

IMG_0910 Stitch

Here’s another of Acapulco Bay:

IMG_0910 Stitch Stitch

Susy and I took a very short walk around the cruise terminal area, so as we got off the ship we saw the ship’s port sign:


and Susy in front of the port’s port sign:


as we started along the Bay here’s a closer look at the beach and the high rises in the background:


and Susy in front of Acapulco”s mermaid (yes, that is what that is on that big rock):


The terminal had a big shopping area, where we could stop and have a cold “Corona” (Mexico’s best beer):


I know your getting tired of seeing Susy shopping in every port, so today I won’t show you any photos of her doing it, but you have my word that she spent a lot of time looking through the terminal shops.  The amazing thing was she didn’t buy anything, even though I was able to pick up my usual port T shirt.

We got back aboard the ship:


and as we sailed out of the Bay, we said good-bye to Acapulco:


Our next port is Cabo San Lucas which they say is another beautiful Mexican resort port, we’ll see.  Until then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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