Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 22, 2010

6. Panama Canal Cruise–Huatulco, Mexico

Hi All,

What a surprise Susy and I had today as we arrived in the port of Huatulco (“wa tul ko”), Mexico.  We were not expecting much, but the port turned out to be a tropical beauty, with white sandy beaches and cliff side houses as quant as any Greek Island.  Huatulco is nestled in the Oaxacan coastline, with average temperatures in the high 80’s all year round.  Today it was 93 degrees F.  There are three main areas in Huatulco; the Santa Cruz Bay resort area where the ship docked, Crucecita, a small residential, restaurant, and shopping area nearby, and Tangolunda Bay which is the main beach area.

Today Susy and I decided to stay in the Santa Cruz Bay area where the ship is docked since on the return trip we stop in Huatulco again (Dec. 1st) so we can then go to the Crucecita village.

Let’s go exploring this little port:


As you come off the ship you see these cliff homes:

IMG_0830 Stitch


and around the ship the beach area of Santa Cruz Bay:

IMG_0838 Stitch

Susy poses in front of the Port sign:


and shows us a map of the area:


You can see Santa Cruz Bay in the lower left side below Susy’s pointing finger under the shadow.  Crucecita the village is just above her finger, and Tangolunda Bay is just to the lower right of the map.  Before we show Susy in her natural habitat, she asked me to show you this photo to prove she does go to church once in awhile:


Behind the beach area we walked along the shopping streets:


and, of coarse, Susy was right at home:


Oh, and they had a flea market, so that “made Susy’s day”:


Gagu (that’s me) was in full dress to support our professional shopper, but staying cool:


One last photo of the port, this was in a bay behind the beach, and the banner says: “Bahia Santa Cruz, Club de Pesca Deportiva” (club of sport fishing):


All and all, it was a short hot day, but very enjoyable.  The port was very picturesque and although I only took about 50 photos this time, I got some beautiful scenery.

As we boarded the ship, we were warmly greeted by one of the crew:


Tomorrow is the famous Acapulco.  Should be interesting  to see the changes since Susy and I were there last.  Probably I’ll post the two blogs together, we’ll see how it flows.  Until then,

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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