Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 15, 2010

3. Panama Canal Cruise–Aruba

Hi All,  (if you haven’t read blogs 1. & 2 below, start with one)

Sorry about that photo of Susy in front of the world’s largest ship being so small.  I’m just getting to know these programs and I think I’ve got it fixed.  Let’s try again:


That’s better.

Now, on to Aruba, our first stop.  Since Susy and I have been to Aruba before, and the day is rainy and overcast we have opted not to get off the ship.  This is another day of rest and recuperation.  Just so you know we were there, here is a photo of the port:


The cruise liners were docked like parked cars one after the other as the next photo shows:


The photo below gives you a closer view of the main port:


For those who don’t know Aruba, it is one of three Dutch connected islands, “the Netherlands Antilles or the ABC islands”, Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao.  It is now independent of the Netherlands.  The architecture is mostly Dutch and the local language is called Papiamento, an unusual blend of Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish with a few other European tongues thrown in for good measure.

Michigan beat Purdue in football on Saturday, and while we “Purdue” (Hail Purdue) people congratulate the Michiganders, we must caution them to enjoy their victory while they can, because basketball season is just around the corner, and rumor has it Purdue will have a “fair” team, even without its star player.

That’s it for Aruba.  Next is the Panama Canal, which we pass through on Wednesday, Nov. 17th.  Look for something from me about Wednesday or Thursday.

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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