Posted by: Gary Guertin | February 10, 2010

buenos Aires Departure

Hi All,

Yesterday we left Buenos Aires behind after saying our sad farewells ((sad because we’ll miss seeing our friends (especially Leonor) face to face).   I think the best way to let you see some pictures of BA and our departure is to cover that in this blog (I took a lot of photos Sunday, the 7th and Monday, the 8th) and write a second one for Montevideo, even though I’m starting to write this as we pull away from there (Montevideo) and head for Africa (I took a lot of photos today, the 9th also). 

As many of you know I have a rule I try to follow when showing pictures of our cruises, and that is to keep the number close to ten even though I may take a hundred or so photos in a day. I figure more than 10 and you would get bored and not check back with me again.   Once in awhile I break that rule and since we head across the Atlantic where you’ll have at least 8 days of peace (Susy and I also, ha, ha), I’ll break the rule big time with our departure from BA (please don’t be to bored).

If you look at the photo album “Buenos Aires Departure” above I’ll try to first give you a flavor for BA and then cover our departure.  Buenos Aires is statues everywhere, and in the first photo you have an example.  In the second photo, you see a typical small park with beautiful trees.  These parks are spread throughout the city.  Old town house mansions dot almost every block in the center of the city, and the third photo shows a few, with the fourth photo showing wrought iron doors on one of the mansions.  As we walk along you see a typical street in the fifth photo, and in the sixth photo on the sidewalk a diagram of how to do the Tango or “Vereda Del Tango”, sidewalk Tango.  Coming to the corner, in the seventh photo we pass a “diariero” or newspaper stand, which seem to be on every block and not only sell newspapers and magazines, but cell phone minutes and who knows what else.  Finishing our short tour of the city we arrive back at the Hotel Wilton (the eight photo), a small petit hotel in the center, where Susy and I have stayed many times, loving it because of its location and friendly staff (and of course its price).

As we head for the ship Monday, the ninth photo shows Susy looking out the taxi window saying good bye to the city.  Going aboard the ms Amsterdam we got into the elevator and (in the tenth photo) found the familiar day mats telling us it was “Monday”.   The eleventh photo shows the typical safety drill you always go through the first day of a cruise.  If you think that lady in front of me is Susy you have to be kidding, she never goes to the boat drills.  I have to cover for her while she takes a short siesta in the cabin.  Up on the Lido Deck (high up at the rear of the ship) Susy and I attended the “sail-away” party, so in the twelfth photo you see Susy, with BA in the background, and in the thirteenth photo you see me in front of the rear pool, with a band playing in one corner (it’s not in the photo).  In the fourteenth photo you see the city up close as we backed up to pull out of the port and finally in the fifteenth photo you see us leaving the port, city, and tug boat behind as we head for Montevideo.

I want to close out the photos with a picture of Susy and myself at our first cruise dinner.  This is now a tradition Susy and I started on the Pacific Rim cruise (taking a photo of each other at dinner) and although I won’t bother you with any more of these photos during the cruise, I show you the last dinner photos so you can see (as Susy and I like to do) the effect of the cruise on us both (although I thank we look pretty good in these photos, at least Susy does).

It’s now late Tuesday evening so I’ll close this Blog and try to post it tomorrow afternoon.  At the same time I’ll write the Montevideo blog tomorrow and try to post it Thursday or Friday.  That will catch you up until we hit Africa, Feb. 18th.   

Love You All, Gary (alias Gagu)


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