Posted by: Gary Guertin | February 7, 2010

Buenos Aires – Adois

Hi All,

I’m starting to write this blog on Saturday, Feb. 6th and hope to finish before we go aboard Monday. As always time flies when you’re having fun, and Susy and I are happy, but tired and ready to sail. Argentina and Argentine’s are like the Tango, beautiful and flowing, but tense and tragic. After two weeks you are happy to get away from hearing the problems that each of our friends encounter, problems with the government, problems with the economy, and problems with their everyday security. I have to be clear, there are exceptions, like Leonor, our dearest friend, who stands out as a person who never complains, she is a lovely flower, and when we leave we will miss her dearly. Buenos Aires is its usual self in summer, hot, dirty, and full of beautiful parks but void of all the “In” people who have run off to the ocean resorts for the summer. Fortunately the end of January brings some of our friends back to town, so we did get to see most of the ones we wanted to see.

Let’s go through the photos above in the photo album “Buenos Aires – Adios”. You saw our first few encounters in the first album, so I’ll start with the first photo, which is a photo of Adrian, Flavia & Susy in Adrian and Flavia’s new house. They invited us out for an afternoon lunch last Saturday and it was a great pleasure to see Adrian, our old (not in age, but years we have known him) friend, his lovely wife, and their new home. The house is out in the suburbs where Susy and I use to live and is complete with a large swimming pool, cook-out area, and a built in Sound Room (Flavia’s son is a musician) and Dark Room (Flavia’s hobby is photography with black and white film, no digital for her). The second picture is Flavia, I, and Susy with Adrian taking the picture (in the mirror). Last Saturday evening we went to the theater and saw “Pour La Gallery”, a musical/comedy with Anibal Pachano, an old and famous performer of the Argentina stage. This was a new review with beautiful show girls, many famous songs, many dancers, and lots of comedy. The third photo shows the cast taking bows to a standing ovation. It was just like Broadway and really made us feel we were back in BA. The fourth photo is a shot of Leonor and her brother Adolfo. Last Sunday we enjoyed an evening with Adolfo and his wife Ada, who is a jewel. In the fifth photo you see Ada, Adolfo, Susy and I. Susy has known Leonor and Adolfo since she was a child and every time the three get together you hear all the childhood pranks (I mean times) they had together. We had a wonderful evening as usual with Adolfo talking over old times. I slipped in the sixth photo just to show you Susy and I enjoying ourselves. I might add here that when you’re in BA it seems you spend your entire day sitting at a table, eating and talking. Our dinners never started before nine, ten o’clock and usually you never got up until after mid-night. The seventh photo shows Susy’s good friend, Monica, sister of Adrian. Monica spent most of two days with Susy, of course the majority of the time visiting Monica’s jeweler, etc. (or for you new followers, shopping). The eighth photo shows Susy at her usual past time (you guessed it, shopping), this time shopping for books in an old book store. What she found in her hand is cliff notes for “For Whom the Bells Tolled”. The ninth photo shows Susy and Enrique, her sister’s husband. Unfortunately Susy’s sister, Luisa couldn’t make it to BA because of her health, but we had a long talk with Enrique who was in BA for business and spent a lot of time on the phone with Luisa. By luck (and Leonor’s persistence) we got tickets last Thursday for the musical “PIAF”. The star, Elena Roger, an Argentina, was out of this world. The 10th photo is a very bad shot of her taking her bows to a standing ovation. It gives you a feel for the small theater, which by the way didn’t have air conditioning, so we sweltered, but it was well worth it. For those of us old timers who heard Piaf when she was alive, you would swear you were back years ago listening to her perform. Elena Rogers, surprisingly enough has been in the West End of London on stage for several years, winning several awards, and is on her way back there. Watch for her to come to Broadway, she will be famous. She is young; I would say her late twenties or early thirties, but looks, sounds, and acts exactly like Piaf. Last Wednesday and yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing and spending some time with Silvia and Jorge. Before I forget, they send their best regards to Dick and Ann. In the eleventh photo you see Silva, Jorge, and Susy in Jorge’s apartment. The last time we saw the apartment they were re-decorating after he purchased it, but now it’s finished and the apartment is beautiful, looking out over the River La Plata and Buenos Aires from the north. The last photo shows Silva, I, and Susy looking at the “media-lunas” Susy had just paid a fortune for at the local shopping center. The two are doing great and Silva was on her way back to Mar del Plata (the Argentina ocean resort) where she has a house.

Well that’s it for now. This was probably my longest blog, but I think it’s necessary to give you a flavor for this complex, wonderful city (Gigi’s birth place) Buenos Aires. Hope you enjoyed, any comments or questions, please send me an email. My next writing should be about Wednesday, or Thursday, Feb. 10 or 11th after we have sailed and passed Montevideo on Tuesday.

Love You All, Gary (alias Gagu)

P.S. Using Microsoft Word I can now blame all grammatical and spelling errors on Microsoft. I will take the blame for all run-on sentences, that’s all. Bye!!


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