Posted by: Gary Guertin | January 24, 2010

Buenos Aires Arrival & 40th

Hi All,

We arrived in Buenos Aires day before yesterday, Friday, Jan. 22. After we got settled in (small hotel in the center of BA, the Wilton Palace) we called Susy and I’s best friend, Leonor, and have been fortunate enough to have dinner with her two nights in a row (and we’re joining her tonight). Leonor is Susy’s best friend, and was her Best Lady/Bridesmaid (I had a Best Man and Susy had Leonor) at our wedding (one of six including ourselves). I took a few pictures which I want to share with you, so if you’ll look in the Photo Albums above you will see one entitled “Buenos Aires Arrival and 40th”. The first photo is the Susy and Leonor and the second of Leonor and I in our hotel the night of the 22nd. After dinner Susy and I took a stroll along Santa Fe, a main street near our hotel, stopped by a small café for a “non-alcohol” beer (which we discover is just like the real thing) and a coffee, which is typical for a “Porteno” (what your called if you are from the BA city center, it means person of the Port, since BA is Argentina’s main and largest port to the Atlantic). While we were sitting in the café we see this beautiful red BMW convertible pull up and much to our surprise it was one of Susy’s doctors who I knew well from previous visits and at two in the morning we spent about an hour catching up with old times and finding out about our mutual friends. As many of you know Susy’s mother was on the stage and therefore Susy knows many of the stars of Argentina stage and screen during her mother’s time. Pina’s (Susy’s mom, Pina Castro) best friend was the most famous star of theater and screen of that time, Amelita Vargas. Amelita was at Gigi’s baptism, and spent many a Sunday around our pool when we would have our weekly family asados (cook-out/ picnic). Our doctor friend said she was in town and had a boyfriend now, so we should give her a call.

That leads me to yesterday, Saturday, Jan. 23, our 40th anniversary. We called Amelita in the early PM and since she lives only 3 blocks from the hotel (I told you this hotel is well placed) she came over to see us right away. In the third photo you see a picture of her with Susy, and in the fourth photo you see a picture of the three of us. We had a long chat (Susy and Amelita, you know me I’m the quiet one), and Amelita had us over to her apartment today where we viewed one of her 27 movies. You can’t believe what a great star she was, not only in Argentina, but all of the Spanish speaking countries, including Spain. Amelita was Cuban and sang, danced, and acted in most all of her pictures. She was a beautiful show girl with great talent. I have one picture of her younger which I will share with you next. After we left Amelita yesterday we had a wonderful dinner with Leonor, which I show in the next photo. Now hold on to you hats because the next photo is of the three of us on Jan. 23, 1970 and my last photo is Susy and I coming down the aisle that same day after we got married. I know, you’re going to say” not much difference in 40 years!”, well I agree there may be some small changes, but you’ll probably note them more for our “50th”. It was a wonderful day, being with Leonor, and ending the evening talking to Gigi on the phone.

Enough for now, I’ll probably get back with you on Feb. 9 or 10, after we sail. If I get any interesting photos or comments before I’ll probably post them just before we sail on Feb. 7th.

Love You All, Onward to 50th

Gary (alias Gagu)


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