Posted by: Gary Guertin | January 15, 2010

African Cruise Itinerary

Hi all!  Welcome back to Gary’s Space if you have followed Susy and I before, or Welcome Aboard if you are new to the site.

For you new comers and to remind my faithful followers (it’s been 8 months since our last cruise) I will from time to time (usually advising you ahead) post a blog entry like this one along with some photos so that you can follow us on our adventure. The photos will always be on top of the blog entry with a album name which is the same as the blog entry title. In the margin on the left below my picture you will see the weather where we are and for the next port or two. From time to time I may add some videos and they will always be below the blogs on the left at the bottom of the site. Please forgive my bad English, spelling (although spell check gets most of the errors), and grammar. I’ll do my best to give you a flavor of the trip.

OK, enough for business, let’s get down to some fun; where are we going, for how long, and what can you expect? If you tuned in early you saw the photos above in the photo album entitled “African Cruise Itinerary”, if not let’s go through them. The first is a summary of the 32 day cruise on Holland American’s MS Amsterdam ((you old followers (not old in years, but old in having followed this site before) will remember this is the same ship we took on the Pacific Rim cruise) departing from Buenos Aires on Feb. 8th, 2010. The second photo is a map of the entire cruise, with the third and fourth photos showing the details of the itinerary port by port. We end the cruise in Mumbai (Bombay), India on March 12th, where we will stay and site-see until March 15th when we fly home, stopping in London, over-night in Madrid, and arriving on March 16th at Miami.  I hope that gives you a broad overview of what to expect.

Susy and I leave for Buenos Aires next Thursday, Jan. 21st (Susy is her cool self, but I can’t wait to get going) arriving the morning of Friday, Jan. 22nd. We will be staying in our old haunt, the Wilton Palace Hotel, or as it is now called the “Buenos Aires Wilton Hotel” in the center of BA until the cruise. We’ll be visiting family and old friends, including celebrating our “40th” anniversary on Jan. 23rd. We will be with Leonor for sure, who was at our wedding, and perhaps Karen, who was also there, but so far we have not been able to get in touch with her. Some of you may ask “are we going over to Montevideo, Uruguay where the wedding took place?”, the answer is no since we’ll be going there on Feb. 9th with the cruise. I may have some pictures to post on the 24th,,or the day after,, so tune in because that will be the next time I post.

Enough for now, I again wish you all enjoy cruising with us as much as we enjoy it.

Love you All, Gary (alias Gagu)


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