Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 21, 2009

Saguenay Fjord & Saguenay, Quebec

Hi All,                                                                                                                     Written: May 20, 2009

Today you get two for one.  I have to cover the sail up the Saquenay Fjord, then the port stop at Saquenay (City), Quebec.  We started about 6:30 AM (Susy doesn’t have any comments) up the Saquenay Fjord.  One of the world’s longest, the Fjord du Saguenay cuts through the Canadian Shield before merging with the St Lawrence.  Our journey this morning took us from the St Lawrence up the Fjord to the new city of Saquenay about a 3 hour journey.  This area is known for whale sighting (as usual I didn’t see any) and also is one of the largest industrial centers in central Canada.

Since I have two photo albums to show you, let’s go through the day as I saw it (again, you’ll have to excuse Susy because of the cold and early hour).

First the Saguenay Fjord (see the Saquenay Fjord, Canada Photo Album above).  To get to it you probably have to click on its title which will be below the Saguenay, Quebec Photo Album loaded next and last.  At about 6:30 AM as we entered the Fjord the first photo shows the view off the back of the ship toward the St. Lawrence River.  The second shows the walls that immediately surrounded the ship with the third photo showing one of the breaks were a small stream entered the Fjord.  Photo 4 shows a view up ahead and five shows a pilot boat up the way.  The sixth photo is again looking down stream, while the seventh photo shows some snow still on the Fjord’s walls.  The eighth shows a very high wall and the ninth shows a strange looking wall.  As we passed along the Fjord about half way to our destination (about 8 AM) we passed a statue of “Our Lady of Saquenay.”  The tenth photo shows the statue from a distance and the eleventh photo shows the statue close up.  Finally, about 9:30 AM the twelfth photo shows Saguenay (the city) up ahead.

The second photo album (see Saquenay, Quebec Photo Album above) takes you through my tour of Saquenay (the city).  From the ship the first photo is a panoramic view of the city front and the second is a view looking back at the Fjord.  As we came off the ship to the tented pier building we were welcomed by an ensemble of musicians playing local tunes.  The third photo shows the welcoming sign and the musicians.  Like all our recent ports this city had a boardwalk, shown in the fourth photo and along side a playground (shown in the fifth photo).  As is the custom I attract a number of fans, so my “gang from Saguenay” posed for me in the sixth photo.  The seventh photo shows some of the houses along the Boardwalk and the eighth shows one of several of the shopping streets.  My walking tour through the city (for me it was a little town) took me on a climb above and the ninth photo shows a spectacular view of the city with the ship and the Fjord in the background.  As I climbed down toward the ship I passed the main town square and discovered a small street market with clowns, jugglers, and music (see photo ten).  The eleventh photo shows the town square with an old church and government house.  Finally just before getting back on the ship I stopped at the locally recommended internet stop, a Café called Café Summun.  It was an old French Café, but what was surprising was a local choir was singing all afternoon for we tourists.  The twelfth and last photo shows the choir.  It turned out to be a long but pleasant day and I only missed having Susy (and of course all of you) with me to enjoy it as well.  I did take some short videos of the welcoming musicians and the choir, so one of these days when I have some extra time I’ll try to get them edited and uploaded to the site.

On to Quebec City which some say is the jewel of the trip.  We have two days so you may not see any more posting until Montreal or after we get home on the 26th.  In any case, we have made contact and will be meeting Dennis and Marc (his brother) and their wives in Montreal.  This should be quite a reunion because Dennis and I have been discussing the “Guertin’s” over the internet for about 25 or 30 years.  Dennis published the “Guertin Web Site” many years ago and is our best known cousin.  You can see why I don’t know when I can update you.

Love You All,



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