Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 19, 2009

Gaspe, Quebec

Hi All,                                                                                                     Written: May 18, 2009

Today it was really cold (high 40ths), windy, and overcast plus to get to Gaspe you had to go by tender.  With all that information Susy made a major decision; “sleep and let Gary explorer the Port”.  To begin with we have really reached “French Canada”.  I went into a shop in Gaspe and the lady couldn’t understand the word “cuff-links”, she thought I wanted some kind of sweater.  Every one of the locals was speaking only French.  Gaspe is located at the tip of a huge peninsula, where the St. Lawrence River meets the sea.  It was first claimed by Jacques Cartier on July 24, 1534 when he planted a large wooden cross with the royal coat of arms in the name of the king of France.

Let’s follow Gary on his tour of Gaspe (see Gaspe, Quebec photo album above).  The first photo is a panoramic view of the port from the ship.  It’s hard to see, but on the left of the photo is the tender landing pier and behind it a railroad station.  Next to the pier is a bridge which goes into the village center, with the town spread out to the right of the photo.  The second view is a shot off the ship’s aft down the sea way.  I had to show this picture so you could see the peacefulness and beauty all around us.  After taking the tender to shore in the third photo I show the small welcome house with the Gaspe sign on it.  Coming out of the pier area and climbing onto the bridge which goes over to the village the fourth photo shows the tenders at the pier and the Maasdam in the background.  Turning toward the village the fifth photo shows a close panoramic view of the town.  As we cross the bridge right on the waterfront the sixth photo shows an “artsy” café and the seventh photo shows the first shot down the main street (Rue de la Reine).   The eighth photo shows a few of the large homes above the shopping district.  In the ninth photo you see yours truly (you probably don’t recognize me because I’m so bundled up for the cold) in front of a huge cross.  This cross was placed there in 1934 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Jacques Cartier landing at the entrance of the harbor, 24 July 1534.  In the tenth photo you see a beautiful blue and white house behind the village main street and the final photo (11th) show another look down the main shopping district as I headed back across the bridge, into the tender, and back to the warm ship (and afternoon tea with my lovely bride).

Next port tomorrow is Sept-Illes.  It should be interesting because we will be the first cruise ship which has visited that port.

Love You All,



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