Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 16, 2009

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hi All,                                                                                                                     Written:  May 15, 2009

The weather in Halifax couldn’t have been worse,  raining, 54 degrees, and foggy.  With that climate Susy and I decided to take a quick walk around the port and call it a day.  Halifax is a port city of 114,000, the largest Canadian city east of Montreal.  It is the busiest port of Canada’s east coast mainly because it does not ice up in the winter, while most others close.

Let’s take a quick look at the port (see Halifax, Nova Scotia Photo Album above).  The first photo shows the port city, a mixture of modern and colonial “Nova Scotian” heritage, and the second an island in Halifax Harbor with a fort and lighthouse just off the Maasdam’s bow.  The third photo is the Halifax sign on the side of “Pier 21” where we docked.  Pier 21 had a number of shops and in the fourth photo you see Susy going after the bargains.  The fifth photo is an old Nova Scotian brewery while the sixth shows one of the old colonial mansions.  As we walked around the port district we saw some gaily decorated shops including the two you see in the seventh photo and the eighth photo is some more of the seaside shops.  Finally in nine you see yours truly with his new stocking cap braving the Canadian cold in that brewery and the last photo is Susy sitting across from me on our last stop before getting back on the ship.

Halifax behind us, we’re off to Sydney, Nova Scotia right across from Newfoundland.  Until then,

Love You All,



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