Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 15, 2009

Bar Harbor, Maine

Hi All,                                                                                                                     Written: May 14, 2009

We have just left our last port in the U.S, Bar Harbor, Maine, and what a beautiful port it was.  It’s everything you see in the great scenic art of New England; rocky sea shore, lovely trees, and a rugged sea town of low buildings standing in front of what we would call hills, but the locals call Cadillac Mountain.  Bar Harbor, believe it or not was a tourist center during the 19th century, as people from the major east coast cities came to see the sites that were painted by artists who earlier had found its beauty.  Most of the tourism stopped after a major fire in 1947 destroyed 17,000 acres, or most of the area around Bar Harbor (the Acadia National Park).  The golden era of Bar Harbor had ended, but most of the forest has grown back and today it is a peaceful sea-side community.

Let’s look at some of the beauty Susy and I saw in the few hours we had (Bar Harbor, Maine Photo Album, above).  First from the ship is a panoramic view of the harbor, and second is a panoramic view off the aft (rear) of the ship at the islands in the bay.  The third photo is my usual Port sign as we came in by tender, and the fourth is a panoramic view from the tender dock of the village green and the start of Main Street.  Fifth photo would be a shot of stores along Main and, you guessed it, sixth is Susy at her usual labor of finding sales.  Back out on the street, the seventh again is some typical stores along Main and as we came back toward the tender pier we stepped in front of the lovely village green looking out on the bay.  Photo 8 shows that view with the boats below, and ninth, shows yours truly (although I was so warmly dressed you might not recognize me).  Speaking of warm dress, Susy and I had scarves and I had bought a stocking cap, while the locals were out in shirt sleeves.  We looked exactly like what we were, tourists.  By the way, weather wise we’ll be in the 50’s for the rest of the trip.  The last photo I want to show you is a panoramic view of the bay/islands as we sailed away from Bar Harbor toward Canada.

That’s all for now, next stop, tomorrow, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Love You All,



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