Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 11, 2009

Charleston, SC

,Hi All,                                                                                                     Written:  May 9, 2009                    

First port was Charleston, SC, one of two places in the South that Susy and I love (we love other places in the South, but these are at the top of our list).  In case you’re wondering what the other place is, it’s New Orleans to Baton Rouge, what we call “Plantation Row”.  Between the true “Southern Colonial” look of Charleston and the beautiful plantations between New Orleans and Baton Rouge you really have the South at its best.  Just a few facts about Charleston:  it was established in 1670, and over the years is probably best known as being the place where the first shot of the Civil War was fired (Fort Sumter) on April 12, 1861.  Surprisingly enough Charleston was destroyed several times by earthquakes in the 19th-century (the worst tremors hit in 1886) and hit by several hurricanes, the worst being Hugo in Sept. 1989.  Through all these disasters the Charlestonians have continued to regroup and rebound, restoring the city to its colonial “best”.  The Georgian redbrick mansions, the magnificent gardens of bougainvilleas, roses, and many other flowers, the small quaint buildings, all make Charleston a “jewel” of a city.  Oh, and before I get into the photos I must remind you of the people of Charleston (and the south in general), they are kind, hospitable, mannered, etc., etc..  Susy and I stopped and asked directions several times, and each time we were answered by friendly, polite people, the real jewels within this jewel of a city.

On to the photo album above entitled, “Charleston SC”.  The first photo is the Port sign (again for you newcomers, I always start with the Port sign to prove where we are), the second is a panoramic view of the city taken from the ship as we docked, the third is one of the old brick mansions (most of these buildings are restored to the mid 1700’s or early 1800’s), the fourth is Susy with some local residents dressed in colonial garb in front of one of the many museums, the fifth is Susy in front of one of the smallest buildings in town (although there were many one room wide buildings), the sixth is a shot of the famous “Rainbow Row”, where the houses are painted like colors in the rainbow, the seventh is a typical mansion with the porches white columns, eight is Susy in front of an alley of flowers, nine is one of the most beautiful gardens we came across next to a mansion, and to end this day (you guessed it) Susy leads you in to the town’s central market  (photo 10) and in eleven (I know I went 1 over my limit, but you have to see Susy at work) you see Susy working over a bracelet table.  What you all will not believe is Susy left without buying a thing which shows she’s not fully recovered from not feeling well but there’s hope because she made it through the day and even joined me at the sail away party (we had a beautiful view of Fort Sumter which guards the Charleston harbor).

That’s all for now, we on to Newport, RI, summer home of the rick and famous, Tuesday, May 12. Look for my next entry Wednesday, May 13th.   

Love you all,



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