Posted by: Gary Guertin | May 9, 2009

Fort Lauderdale Departure

Hi All,                                                                                                                     Written 8 May 2009, PM

Well It’s bon voyage again.  We have just pulled away from Fort Lauderdale, Port Everglades, with 1244 other passengers aboard the Ms Maasdam.  As usual, on the first day of the cruise Susy isn’t feeling well, but neither of us is concerned because she always seems to feel bad on the first day of the cruise, and gets into the swing of things as soon as we get a good dinner and a glass of wine (or two or???). 

As usual I’m going to publish a photo album to go with this blog, trying to keep it to 10 photos, but who knows, so let’s go (first timers you’ll find the photo albums above this blog area, videos will be at the bottom of the site – photo album will have the same name as the blog):  first photo is of the ship as we pulled up to off load our luggage,  second is the lifeboat drill which Susy never goes to, so I have to call out her name when they call the roll (one of these days they’re going to catch me because “Maria Guertin” has such a low voice), third is the party on the back pool deck (full Caribbean island music band and igplenty of island drinks), and fourth is a shot of us leaving the port, five is the beautiful beach of Fort Lauderdale at the exit of Port Everglades, six is a shot of yours truly taken by a Canadian passenger (Susy was recouping in the cabin), seven is a shot the boaters will enjoy, the beautiful blue ocean with a sailboat, eight for those of you who followed us on the Grand Voyage will recognize the mat in the elevator tells you the day of the week (that’s for us old folks who sometimes can’t even remember what day of the week it is), and nine is the beautiful green cut glass atrium of the Maasdam, ten and finally at the end of the day is our traditional dinner photo (we take one at every dinner on the cruise so we can record how much better we look day by day). 

That’s it for the departure.  Tomorrow is a day at sea so don’t expect anything from me until Monday after we stop in Charleston, SC.

Love You All,


PS: At Gigi’s request I changed my profile picture.  Don’t know if it’s the one she wanted, but it’s me with a tux.  (by the way Gigi your Mom wouldn’t let me bring my tux, ha, ha)


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