Posted by: Gary Guertin | November 20, 2008

Last Cruise Entry

Posted: Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008

Next Earliest Posting: Week of Nov. 24, 2008


Hi All,

Today I have to turn in my ship lap-top, so this is the final posting from the ms Amsterdam. It will be short and I am adding a movie below in the Video modular of Susy opening those oysters yesterday. It was really something, so take a look if you have time. Remember the Video modular is at the very bottom of the site, so scroll down as far as you can go to get to it.

Next week, after we are home, I will try to add a post-mortem of the entire cruise to close out this Blog. I intend to leave the Blog as it is until after the first of the year, then tear it down (delete the content) and start another theme. If anyone has any suggestions on what to put next I’m all ears. I want to thank everyone for their positive comments. Again, if you see how I could have improved the Blog let me know, so I can do a better job next time.

We start packing for the journey home today, so until we see you:

Love You All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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