Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 23, 2008

Ko Samui, Thailand

Hi All,

After sailing out of the Bangkok area we anchored off a Thailand resort the next day called Ko Samui. This island is 15 miles long by 13 miles wide, and is Thailand’s third largest island. It is known for its palm-lined sugary white shores which makes it a popular Gulf of Thailand destination.

The port was two shallow for us to sail up to the piers so for the first time (and they say the only time) we had to use the tenders (Life Boats) to get ashore. In the photo album above entitled “Ko Samui, Thailand” I want to first show you a picture of our friends, Carne and Kay, who we spent the day with. We usually meet them at the after dinner show and we share the same Blackjack table from time to time. They are a wonderful couple from California and Carne (who celebrates his 80th birthday next week), like Bob (Ilene don’t tell him I said that or it will go to his head and he’ll think he can beat me in tennis), is a “go” person. The second photo shows the port sign, so you know we were there. The four of us shared a taxi for the day, and the next shot shows a street scene through the taxi window. Our first stop around the island was at a Namuang Safari Park where you could ride elephants into the jungle. Nicholas would have loved to ride the elephants. I show you a photo of three of the elephants resting before they take on riders. The shortest elephant ride was 3 and ½ hours so we didn’t ride because we didn’t have a lot of time. In the fifth shot you finally get a shot of the beach looking out from a restaurant we stopped at to take some photos. The next shot shows Susy with her camera taking pictures because with my 1500 plus photos she doesn’t believe I “get it” all the time (what can I say, it’s Susy). Our final stop of the day was at a Buddha shrine called the “Big Buddha”. My first photo shows you a statue of one of the large warriors who guards the entrance to the shrine. The eighth shot is of the Big Buddha statue itself. On the sides of the Big Buddha were side alters with Buddha statues and I next show one of those called the “Sleeping Buddha”. As we were going out we ran into a Monk selling (They have to make a living) you the right to write your name, or a prayer, or whatever you wanted, on a brick, which in turn would be used to build a new gate house to the shrine complex. I show you in the next to the last photo Carne, the monk, and myself in the act of doing business. Finally you see Susy laying her brick on the gate house. She wanted you all to know that she wrote on every inch of her brick, praying for each and everyone of us (because we need it).

That’s it for Ko Samui, onward to our next stop, Singapore.

Love to All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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