Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 16, 2008

Hong Kong – Day 2

Hi All,

Day 2, no tours, and Susy announced she was in charge (what’s new!!).  We were going to spend our day in markets.  The first market we visited was the "Jade" market, a series of buildings near the Temple Market, but with only jade stalls inside, as you can see from the first photo above in the Hong Kong – Day 2 photo album.  The second photo shows Susy hard at work at a jade stall asking my opinion (as usual, ha, ha) on a jade purchase.  The market took quite a bit of the morning, so we walked over to a large department store near by.  On the way we stopped in at a Chinese Herb shop (3rd photo) were Susy was going to buy some herbs before I talked her out of it (Fernando, our doctor, would not approve).  After visiting the department store we took the ferry from Kowloon (the mainland), where our ship was docked, over to Hong Kong Island.  On the way I got a photo of a Chinese baby who looks exactly like a small Buddha.  From the ferry terminal we took a long bus ride to probably the largest and most famous of the Hong Kong markets, the Stanley Market.  Both Susy and I agree this market puts the Turkish Bazaar in Istanbul to shame as far as size.  After the Stanley Market sign picture you see Susy starting into the market.  Next you see the stalls on the outside of the market leading down to the "Main Street" of the market which is the  eighth photo.  Now the next photo is Susy going down a dark, secret  path following a vendor in order to look at "high end" purses.  At the end of the path was a metal box, with paddle lock and inside nothing but purses.  After all that they didn’t have the color Susy was looking for so she didn’t buy anything.  The last photo is of Susy finishing the day with a cold beer (of coarse I joined her) at a sidewalk cafe on a beautiful beach walk next to the market called "Stanley Walk".  The place and setting reminded us of Copacabana  in Rio. 

Well, that finished the day, both of us completely exhausted from standing and walking from ten in the morning to eight in the evening.  We took the bus and ferry back to the ship and at 11 PM in the evening we sailed out of Hong Kong, one of the most beautiful skylines day or night, but especially night, in the world.  If I can near the end of the cruise I’ll load some video I shot which will show you that skyline at night.  I’m not doing videos now because they take forever to load and I’m already two ports behind on this blog section.

I want to leave you here with a few thoughts on China, as we just touched the surface of this great country.  If you are aware of China’s history you must know they were at one time a great empire.  They invented gunpowder, fireworks, paper, printing, books, and many of the everyday things we take for granted such as umbrellas.  The Chinese have to learn a 45 letter alphabet plus a minimum of 2000 Chinese characters just to communicate.  They are extremely intelligent people and there is plenty of them.  With the success of the Olympics and the growth we saw, it seems that the fallen empire may be one of the first in history (like Rome and Greek) to rise again.  Watch out for China!!!

That’s it for Hong Kong, Shanghai, and China.  Next Blogs are Da Nang, Vietnam and Pu My, Vietnam.  By the way when I refer to Pu My as being near Saigon, I should say "Ho Ging Ming City", the new name for Saigon.

On to Vietnam,

Love to All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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