Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 5, 2008

Kobe, Osaka, Japan – Day 1

Hi All,

As you can see from the date above I’m writing this blog entry on Sunday, Oct. 5 (EST+14 hours), Day 16 of our cruise.  I’ve titled this "Kobe, Osaka, Japan – Day 1" because I want to cover the photo album below (which I added on Oct. 3) with the same title and cover our activities on Friday, Oct. 3, when we arrived in Kobe port. Next I need to create a new album for yesterday, Sat., Oct. 4 (I’ll call it "Kobe, Kyoto, Japan – Day 2") and write you a new blog entry to cover it.  I may not be finished today, if not it may be several days before I can catch up since we can’t work tomorrow, and Tuesday we are in Shanghia (sorry I got the port wrong the first time I published this).

Before I cover Friday, I want to comment a little bit about "GARY’S SPACE".  The web site or Blog, however you want to refer to it, is built in modules.  For example the "Title" module is across the top and includes "GARY’S SPACE" and a note I will keep changing letting you know about where we are at all times.  On the left is the "Profile" module which has my photo.  If you try to click on message, I’ll warn you, you have to have a Microsoft account (hotmail or similar) to send me a message direct to the site.  Those of you who don’t, have to send me an email at my regular email address.  Below the "Profile" module is a new module I’ve added, the "Weather" module, which shows the weather at our next port of call.  In the center and directly below the "Title" module is the "Blog Entry" module where you find my Blog entries.  In order to make the photo’s large and easy to see I had to put the "Photo Album" module below the "Blog Entry" module, so you have to go to the right scroll, and scroll all the way through the Blog entries to get to the Photo Album module, which is at the bottom of the site.  A little trick with the "Photo Album" module if you want to view the pictures at your own speed, is to put the curser down at the bottom of the photo and a picture control will pop up.  You can then pause the slide show and view the pictures back and forth at your own speed.  At the very bottom of the site is a "Control" module which is for me to sign in and change the site.  FOGET ABOUT THIS ONE AND ENJOY THE SITE.

Going back to Friday, Oct. 3rd, we arrived in the port of "Kobe".  The reason I put "Kobe, Osaka" in the title is that those of you who have our itinerary see it shows the port of "Osaka" but the ship ended up docked at the port of "Kobe". The two are very near each other and both are in Osaka Bay.  Kobe is the home of Kobe beef, known as the best beef in Japan.  Kobe itself is the 5th largest city in Japan with 1.5 million residents.  It is the major southern port of Japan and has been completely destroyed twice.  WWII completed bombed out the city because of the ports importance, and an earthquake in 1995, destroyed the city again.  You would never know it to see the city today, it’s a thriving metropolitan city, with a large foreign population, especially Chinese, having a large "China Town" in the very center of the city.  It is Japan’s major link with China and other southern/western nations.  Susy and I spent the morning moving to our new cabin which is a little bit smaller than our old one, but we’re more than comfortable, and Susy says she likes the layout better. In the afternoon we took a quick trip into Kobe by the local train, looked around, (you see a few photos in the album of the streets) and returned to rest up for the long trip/tour to Kyoto, which I’ll cover in the next blog entry.

Love to All,

Gary (alias Gagu)   


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