Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 2, 2008

At Sea – 40 miles south of Tokyo, Japan

Just a short note today.  First of all the site should look a little better because I just finished a session on customizing your Blog.  The albums in the photo  gallery(at the bottom of the blog entries) are now in order.  We’re at sea today on our way to Osaka, Japan.  We arrive at 6 AM tomorrow morning.  In case anyone wonders about the weather, especially the typhoons that are out here in the Pacific, the Captain just announced we are missing everything for the next few days.  We hope our luck holds out.  It’s 72 degrees today and tomorrow, and is starting to get warmer as we go south. Seas are calm.

E mails:

Ilene and Bob: Again welcome aboard.  Hope you enjoy the site.  The scoop is that the first leg of the trip, which ends tomorrow, had us in a cabin with a balcony.  It was great once or twice when we wanted to enjoy some fresh air.  Tomorrow, and for the rest of the cruise we have to move to a cabin without balcony.  The cabin is just a foot or two smaller, so space wise we are fine, but we will miss the balcony.  The cabin, especially the bath, is a good size, and we are really comfortable.  As to food it’s good, not the best we have had, on the one hand, but by far not the worse.  Portions are small, so we won’t be putting on a lot of weight because of eating to much.

Gigi, (Maritza and Carole):  I saw your message to Mom about not getting a hotmail account.  COME ON, don’t you girls like the ending, "hot"mail, or what.  I admit that’s only for the very young (like myself).  But you should know that Microsoft now has new endings, instead of "Hotmail" you can choose "Live mail" or "space mail", all kinds of ending that may make you feel better.  Hey, your mother has 4 email addresses now, 2 hotmails, 1 gmail, and her old standby (which I hope to get her to cancel one of these days).  By the way Roxie and Leonor are all signed in as "Friends" and send me notes on the site from time to time.  It’s all free, including the web page, with only a restriction of posting 500 pictures a month.  Anyway, I love you all and if you want to communicate by email and not get extra accounts, that’s fine with me.

Leonor:  Susy is fine.  She’s getting plenty of sleep, and a lot of exercise when we are in port. As everyone knows I have to be careful about what I say for her, so if you want her version of things I suggest you send her an email.

Love to All, Gary (alias Gagu)


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