Posted by: Gary Guertin | October 1, 2008

Aomori Photos and Miyako Photos and Comments

Hi to All from Miyako.  I just finished posting two new albums below, the photos from yesterdays visit to Aomori and todays visit to Miyako.  The albums will be reversed because I put in the Miyako pictures first, but Rob, our Blog instructor, assures me tomorrow he’s going to show us how to straighten out the site.

First to the Aomori photos, we found the port right next to the little town, so we walked over.  The highlight of the town was the Shrine we visited. As you can see, it was quite impressive, including it’s beautiful pond with goldfish the size of catfish, and as some of you may know these fish are valued in the thousands of dollars each.  I took 70 photos so choosing 10 wasn’t easy.

Going to Miyako and choosing 10 photos wasn’t difficult because the port and town was very small.  I even could slip in a photo of the beautiful lady that sits across from me every evening.  We have a custom of sitting down to dinner and taking a photo of each other so we can keep track of how we fair for the day.  Back to Miyako, it was so small there wasn’t much to see, but the view of the mountains and forests was beautiful.  The port sits on the edge of a National Forest, and apart from logging, the small fishing port is were everyone in Japan (the top restaurants in Japan) go to purchase Sushi.

To close I have tried to add some photos to the Ship album, including one of the towel animals the cabin Steward makes every night out of wash cloths and towels.  Every night is a different animal.  Teresa and Nick would love them.  Also some shots of the two pools and the tennis court.

Tomorrow we’re at Sea, Friday we go to Osaka, Japan. Look for my next comments Friday or Saturday (we’re now about 13 hours ahead of you on the clock)

Enjoy and Love to All,

Gary (alias Gagu)


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