Posted by: Gary Guertin | September 29, 2008

Hakodate and Aomori

Hi All,
I am writing to you from an Aomori Internet Cafe on a Japanese computer, so if my English was bad before, watch it in Japanese.
Last night I was able to put on the site pictures from our first port of call, Hakodate.  I could not write this blog because the network went down, so here goes in Aomori. I choose 10 photos as I will for every port so you do not get bored with photos.  I shot 44, so chosing 10 was not easy, but you will be better off.  I show the port, then Susy and I walked to a cable car that took us way above the port.  It was a magnificent view.  I will put the port pictures in albums by port. See below. I have already shot a lot of photos of Aomori and will try and post them tonight or tomorrow.  Hope you enjoy the views, as I said, any questions send me a line.
Email time:
Gigi – When I said Susy was rocky, I meant the boat was rocking.  We got swells of 15 to 30 feet, but it was really never bad, there were no restrictions on walking about etc. Love, You
Sherry – Welcome aboard.  Hope you enjoy traveling with us.
Roxie – Good to hear from you again, glad you have become a blogger, whatever that means. Thanks for the kind words.
Well I will close for now,
Love to You All,
Gary (alias Gagu)

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