Posted by: Gary Guertin | September 28, 2008

Crossed the Pacific – First Port of Call Tomorrow

Well we made it, today we officially crossed the Pacific.  Tomorrow we make our first port of call: Hakodate, Japan, the next day, (Tuesday), Aomori, Japan, and on Wednesday, Miyako, Japan.  My plan for the Blog is to let you know a little bit about the trip over, today, and then about Thursday or Friday give you a look at our first three Japanese ports.  These three ports are small, so Susy and I have decided to just walk around and explore rather than taking tours.  Again, I’ll try to get a few photos and give you a flavor for the Japanese villages.

Now back to the crossing.  I must first pass along Susy’s comment: " the last few days were rocky and cold".  She got plenty of sleep and every thing has been quiet.  Our typical day is breakfast in the cabin, lunch on the Lideo Deck (the 24 hour serve yourself restaurant), daily activities (for example I’m in the digital workshop learning to do blogs, Susy went to a show), dinner in the main formal dining room, show (all kinds of music, from full show to individual musicians and singers), then a short run on the Casino (short because we lose our quota fairly quickly, although Susy says to speak for myself because she usually plays a long time).  Anyway, the eight day crossing has gone quickly and I really enjoyed it, especially since I have learned how to communicate with you all (the family) through the Blog (which by the way means Web Log).   If you have any comments, questions, etc. shoot me a line and I’ll post it for all to see. By the way under photo albums below the blogs I added a new one "Ship Photos", and gave you a look at the ships Theater (not movie, because there is another one for movies).

In closing I want to acknowledge the emails I got on the Blog.  1. Leonor was the first to write and I hope Leo I have answered all your questions.  Susy is as I said "cold and rocky", but getting along fine.  I have had a little cold, but hope it will be gone soon. 2.  Roxie, thanks for visiting the site and it was great to hear from you.  Give my best to John.  3. Gigi, I’m glad your proud of your dad, Blogging away at the age of 71.  What’s next????

Well that’s it for today,  Love to All, Gary (alias Gagu)


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